Detox Cleanse: 100% Green Juice

Detox Cleanse: 100% Green Juice


Detox Cleanse

Our Detox Cleanse is for the more seasoned cleanser who is looking to remove more fruits and sugars from their diet.  The Detox cleanse has 6 different green juices. It does not include any foods but only juices. This is a great cleanse if you're looking for a lower natural fruit sugar option and want to focus on drinking more green vegetables. 


We recommend choosing this cleanse once you have tried one of our other Cleanses. The Detox Green cleanse is a great cleanse to do on Day #2 or #3 once you are used to a moderate juice diet. 

#1 Kalefornia

Ingredients:  apple, cucumber, kale, celery, lemon
Contains high levels of A and B vitamins, cucumber’s alkalizing properties, maintaining healthy skin, and boosting your body’s iron, calcium, folic acid and chlorophyll.

#2 Pearadise

Ingredients:  pear, kale, cucumber, romaine, spinach
Give your body a vacation with pear’s magnesium, zinc, and pectin, romaine’s complete protein with 8 essential amino acids, plus high levels of vitamin A.

#3 Green Banana +

Ingredients:  fresh banana, almond milk, kale leaf, almond butter, hemp protein
A filling, creamy boost of protein, calcium, and potassium for lunch made from our pure house made almond milk.

#4 Power Plant Juice

Ingredients:  cucumber, celery, kale, dandelion, spinach, parsley, mint, lemon
Invigorate with dandelion for your liver, mint for your nervous system, parsley for blood purifying, and all of the above for improved digestion.

#5 Green Detox

Ingredients:  kale, romaine, cucumber, parsley, lemon, vegan & gluten free.

#6 Green Appetit Juice

Ingredients:  cucumber, celery, kale, ginger
Feel these vital vegetables enliven your body with A, B and C vitamins, chlorophyll, and folic acid

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