Custom Cleanse

Custom Cleanse


Custom Cleanse

Mix and match any 6 items (juices/smoothies + max 2 food items) from our a la carte menu below!

With all of our cleanses, each item is labeled in the recommended order of consumption.  Pick up is every morning (pick up evening is also available) at the Plant location you choose.  

Please check location hours when planning your cleanse pickup!

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36 hour notice required.

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Ingredients:  apple*, beet*, carrot*, celery*, ginger*, lemon*
An alphabet full of amino acids, vitamin B, vitamin C, calcium, folic acid, phytonutrients and potassium that is easy to drink and good for you too! 

Immune Builder

Ingredients:  carrot*, apple*, lemon*, ginger*
Invigorate your immune system, deliver antioxidants and carotenoids to your digestive system and improve your health with each sip. 

Green Appetit

Ingredients:  cucumber*, celery*, kale*, ginger*
Feel these vital vegetables enliven your body with A, B and C vitamins, chlorophyll, and folic acid.

Power Plant

Ingredients:  cucumber*, celery*, kale*, dandelion*, spinach*, parsley*, mint*, lemon*
Invigorate with dandelion for your liver, mint for your nervous system, parsley for blood purifying, and all of the above for improved digestion.


Ingredients:  carrot*, romaine*, cucumber*, kale*, broccoli*, lemon*, ginger*
Envision yourself healthy and energized, revitalized from high levels of beta-carotene, A vitamins and phytonutrients.

Green Detox

Ingredients: kale*, romaine*, cucumber*, parsley*, lemon*
Reset with this green, and refreshing blend rich in Vitamin A,C and K that will help you rid toxins for glowing skin.  


Ingredients:  apple*, cucumber*, kale*, celery*, lemon*
Contains high levels of A and B vitamins, cucumber’s alkalizing properties, maintaining healthy skin, and boosting your body’s iron, calcium, folic acid and chlorophyll.


Ingredients:  pear*, kale*, cucumber*, romaine*, spinach*
Give your body a vacation with pear’s magnesium, zinc, and pectin, romaine’s complete protein with 8 essential amino acids, plus high levels of vitamin A.

Farmer's Market

Ingredients: apple*, broccoli*, celery*, cucumber*, ginger*, kale*, lemon*, parsley*
An alkalizing harvest of anti-oxidants, iron, calcium, and chlorophyll. 

Root 101

Ingredients: apple*, burdock*, collard greens*, cucumber*, ginger*, lemon*
This nutrition expedition aids in digestion, supplies prebiotics alkalizes, and expands vitamin A and B levels.

Green Banana +

Ingredients:  fresh banana*, almond milk*, kale leaf*, almond butter*, hemp protein*
A filling, creamy boost of protein, calcium, and potassium for lunch made from our pure house made almond milk.


Ingredients: avocado*, celery*, cucumber*, kale*, lemon*
This nourishing blend of avocado's beneficial phytosterol and PFA fats, plus oleic acid for digestion and inflammation both satisfies and repairs. 

Almond Spice

Ingredients:  almond milk*, dates*, cinnamon*, sea salt, vanilla bean*
A tasty, healthy treat at the end of the day, benefitting you by fortifying bones, balancing blood sugar levels, plus providing magnesium, zinc, and iron.  

Full Belly

Ingredients:  mixed greens*, Dino kale*, Napa cabbage*, carrots*, cucumber*, cherry tomatoes*, roasted beets*, pea shoots*, quinoa*, avocado*, hummus*, pickled onions*, sunflower seeds*, ginger miso dressing*
Filling and rich in fiber, our signature Full Belly salad is loaded with nutrient rich, fresh ingredients, and paired with a ginger miso dressing to aid with digestion.

Dino Kale

Ingredients:  Dino kale*, arugula*, red quinoa*, cherry tomatoes*, avocado*, carrots*, cucumbers*, toasted almonds*, lemon cumin vinaigrette*
This salad is a powerhouse of kale, an excellent source of Vitamin K, C, and A. Paired with our signature Lemon Cumin Vinaigrette dressing.

Organic (*)