Beginner's Cleanse

Beginner's Cleanse


The Beginner's Cleanse is our most versatile offering, which includes food and juice.  
We designed it to be a health-supportive, nourishing way to eat for the day.

Worried about being hungry on a juice cleanse?  Practice eating clean with the Health Nut Cleanse for a few days.  It's also the perfect way to begin and end a juice cleanse so you can ease in to not eating food rather than diving right in.

Pick up the Signature Cleanse in the morning and have your entire day's worth of nutrition and energy conveniently ready to enjoy.

With all of our cleanses, each item is labeled in the recommended order of consumption.  Pick up is every morning (pick up evening is also available) at the Plant location you choose.  

Please check location hours when planning your cleanse pickup!

36 hour notice required.

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#1 Kalefornia Juice

Ingredients:  apple*, cucumber*, kale*, celery*, lemon*
Contains high levels of A and B vitamins, cucumber’s alkalizing properties, maintaining healthy skin, and boosting your body’s iron, calcium, folic acid and chlorophyll

#2 ABC Juice

Ingredients:  apple*, beet*, carrot*, celery*, ginger*, lemon*
An alphabet full of amino acids, vitamin B, vitamin C, calcium, folic acid, phytonutrients and potassium that is easy to drink and good for you too! 

#3 Dino Kale Salad for Lunch

Ingredients: dino kale*, arugula*, red quinoa*, cherry tomatoes*, avocado*, carrots*, cucumbers*, toasted almonds*, lemon cumin vinaigrette*, vegan & gluten free

#4 Immune Builder Juice

Ingredients:  carrot*, apple*, lemon*, ginger*
Invigorate your immune system, deliver antioxidants and carotenoids to your digestive system, and improve your health with each sip

#5 Full Belly for Dinner

Ingredients:  mixed greens*, Dino kale*, Napa cabbage*, carrots*, cucumber*, cherry tomatoes*, roasted beets*, pea shoots*, quinoa*, avocado*, hummus*, pickled onions*, sunflower seeds*, ginger miso dressing*

#6 Almond Spice

Ingredients:  almond milk*, date paste*, cinnamon*, sea salt, vanilla bean*, vegan & gluten free

Organic (*)

Cleanses are not available for pickup on Sundays.