We are Eat Real Certified - Platinum Level!

In 2017, we underwent the Eat Real Certified Audit and became the FIRST Platinum REAL Certified restaurant in the nation! Read more in this article written about us last year by PR Underground!  

THIS YEAR, we have once again, maintained our Platinum Level status, continuing our strive towards bringing delicious and nutritious food to the San Francisco Bay Area!

What does being Eat REAL certified mean?

An Eat REAL certification is an evaluation process that reviews the healthfulness and sustainability of the operation - our restaurant. See their website, for more information! 

  • R = responsible - providing nutritional food

  • E = epicurean - preparation methods supports healthfulness of food quality

  • A = agricultural - focus on quality, sustainability, and animal welfare when sourcing ingredients

  • L = leadership - better choices and practices

Achieving Platinum Status

At The Plant Cafe Organic we are committed to serving healthy, sustainable, and organic food. Here are a few highlights of how we have achieved Platinum status through Eat REAL.

  • All of our dishes, salad dressing, soups, and sauces are made from scratch from the freshest organic and local ingredients. 

  • Our poultry is free-range and organic and our seafood is wild and sustainable.  

  • We offer a variety of vegan, vegetarian, and gluten-free items made available as options for our customers. 

  • Our disposable items (grab and go containers, disposable eating ware, napkins, cups, & straws) are compostable!

Our Inspiration & Mission

Our co-founder Matthew was inspired by a health retreat called the Hippocrates Health Institute where they ate raw, organic food, with no sugar or preservatives. With this experience the idea of bringing healthy and organic food to the community was born. He joined forces with co-founder Mark and set out toward the path of opening a restaurant that would provide organic, local, and sustainable food.

At The Plant, we believe what one puts in their body affects the health and long-term well being of yourself and the environment; while the decisions we make as consumers collectively shape and effect the environment we share. 

Interested in more? Read "Interview with an Owner: The Plant Cafe Organic" by Eat Real