A Tid Bit on our Sustainable Poultry & This Month's Special!

Spring is upon us as the sun is beginning to shine from behind the clouds and the flowers are beginning to bloom all around. At the Plant Cafe Organic, we love the plethora of fruits and vegetables available in the spring and summer seasons. Come in for a fresh-pressed juice/smoothie or stop by for a nourishing salad that will be sure to cool you off in the warmer days.

This month we want to highlight our Organic Chicken as our mission and focus is to use organic, sustainable, & local ingredients.

Here at The Plant Cafe Organic, we proudly use Petaluma Poultry’s Rosie (the Original Organic Chicken) Brand.

Fun Fact: The Rosie Brand was the first chicken brand to be USDA Certified Organic!

We love their mission of “People. Poultry. Planet

As a pioneer in free range and organic poultry, we are dedicated to sustainable farming practices that renew natural resources. Our goal is to produce the finest free range and organic poultry products while reducing waste, preserving our environment, supporting our employees and contributing to our local communities.

Based in Sonoma County - Petaluma Poultry provides USDA Organic, locally raised, free range chicken.

But why does this matter?

We believe in high quality ingredients without any toxic additives!

Rosie Organic chicken has - NO hormones, NO antibiotics, and NO steroids. The chickens are fed a non-GMO diet with NO animal byproducts and roam free range on a certified organic farm.

Interested in reading/learning more? Check out their website!

Read more about their story and try out their recipes online!

chicken skewer bowl.jpg

April Cafe Special

Check out our Roasted Peanut Satay Chicken Skewer Bowl served with seasonal vegetables over a bed of Jasmine rice available at all cafe locations.

Every month, our chef curates 2 unique seasonal specials which aims to be inclusive of all of our guests - From the vegan to gluten-free diets to our paleo and sustainable meat lovers.

For the month of April, we are highlighting our Roasted Chicken Skewers as one of our specials!

Find yourself loving our roasted chicken skewers after the month ends? They are also available on our catering menu and are a beautiful enhancement to your office lunch/event catering!

To place a catering order - send an email to catering@theplantcafe.com