Featured Article on Five Mountains Organic Tea

Our tea partner, local Five Mountains Organic Tea, is included in an interesting article about tea companies that are driving sustainability in the industry. Five Mountains direct sources all of their products, they created their own biodegradable packaging, and they are a fair trade company. Their product quality is truly remarkable. We are so proud to carry their teas at all of our locations at The Plant Cafe Organic.

From the article:

Five Mountains Tea, for example, is operated by Jason Creech and Jeff Dorchaide, the co-founders who originally met each other as monks studying in Southeast Asia. They source their heirloom organic tea in the Lin’Cang region of China’s Yunnan province. They also operate without a middleman by directly purchasing from the farmers and packaging the product in biodegradable packaging. “Fine teas require a delicate ecosystem and they cannot flourish without a healthy environment. Sustainable growing practices and organic farming methods both play a crucial role and have an intimate relationship,” said Creech. “This is why [our] signature teas are certified organic provincial heirloom varietals, biodiversely grown and sustainably hand-harvested from ancient virgin rainforests.”


Perri Kramer