Level 2 (Intermediate Cleanse)

Level 2 (Intermediate Cleanse)


The Intermediate Cleanse is the green sister of our Beginner's Cleanse. 

This is a great cleanse if you're looking for a lower natural fruit sugar option as we keep the apple to a minimum. 

It's the perfect way to begin and end a juice cleanse so you can ease in to not eating food rather than diving right in.

With all of our cleanses, each item is labeled in the recommended order of consumption.  Pick up is every morning (pick up evening is also available) at the Plant location you choose.  

Please check location hours when planning your cleanse pickup!

36-hour notice required.

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#1 Farmer's Market

Ingredients: apple*, broccoli*, celery*, cucumber*, ginger*, kale*, lemon*, parsley*
An alkalizing harvest of anti-oxidants, iron, calcium, and chlorophyll.

#2 Root 101

Ingredients: apple*, burdock*, collard greens*, cucumber*, ginger*, lemon*
This nutrition expedition aids in digestion, supplies prebiotics alkalizes, and expands vitamin A and B levels.

#3 Raw Sprouted Hummus Wrap for Lunch

Ingredients:  collard greens*, raw almonds*, tahini*, lemon*, cumin*, olive oil*, black pepper, salt, garlic*
Our signature sprouted almond based hummus with tahini wrapped in collard greens. 

#4 Green Appetit

Ingredients:  cucumber*, celery*, kale*, ginger*
Feel these vital vegetables enliven your body with A, B and C vitamins, chlorophyll, and folic acid.

#5 Flax Crackers, Guacamole & Salsa for Dinner

Ingredients:  flax meal*, carrot pulp*, chia seeds*, olive oil*, garlic*, salt, black pepper, chili powder*, guacamole (avocados*, lemon*, green onion*, cilantro*, red onion*, jalapeño*, salt), salsa (tomato*, cilantro*, red onion*, green onion*, jalapeño*, lemon*, salt)
Our signature crackers made in-house from flax meal, carrot pulp, and chia seeds. Served with fresh guacamole and salsa. 

#6 Almond Spice

Ingredients:  almond milk*, dates*, cinnamon*, sea salt, vanilla bean*
A tasty, healthy treat at the end of the day, benefitting you by fortifying bones, balancing blood sugar levels, plus providing magnesium, zinc, and iron.  

Organic (*)

Cleanses are not available for pick up on Sundays.