Monday Detox: The Plant Cafe Organic
January 3rd, 2011

It's never easy to be back at work on Mondays, but especially not after a weekend of New Year's revelry. Today I'm torn between wanting to kick off my healthy living regimen and craving comfort food to get me through my Monday. Fortunately, I can do both at The Plant Cafe Organic (101 California St., 415-693-9730; 3352 Steiner St., 415-931-2777; Pier 3, The Embarcadero, 415-984-1973).

The very San Francisco quick-service restaurant draws heavily on foods that help you detox, like liver-purifying beets, dark leafy greens to aid digestion, and high-fiber whole grains. The Plant Burger (pictured above) may be the perfect marriage of comfort food and detox dining. Made with beets and bulgur wheat, plus lentils, mushrooms, and cashews, the vegan patty only tastes indulgent.

To up the detox ante, add some lemon (to aid digestion) and ginger (to fight free radicals) with one of Plant's cleansing fresh juices, like the aptly named Good Start, which combines kale, broccoli, celery, apple, and ginger, or the Spicy Red With Green, which features beets, kale, and ginger and adds apple for a touch of sweetness. You'll start 2011 with a clean slate and a yummy lunch at once.


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